PDF links not active with Lion

I just downloaded 2.2 and am running it with the Lion GM. I noticed earlier that PDF files created with DT, either with the Safari bookmarklet or with Print PDF to DT, were resulting in PDF’s with links not active. I thought this might be a bug with DT but the some thing is happening with 2.2. So, I checked by saving some Safari pages as PDF’s directly to my desktop and the links are not active as they used to be. This is a catastrophe for me as I use the PDF format to archive many pages every day and I need those links to be active.

Any help???

I’ve printed this thread to DEVONthink. Some links are active, others not. Same in Preview. Hopefully the final release of Lion will fix this.

As usual I wouldn’t recommend to upgrade too soon, just wait for the first maintenance release(s) of Lion instead.