PDF locked?


I’ve just imported a pdf into a DTPO2 database and opened it with Preview to insert a few blank pages. When I try to save the file I get the error message you may see in the attached screenshot, saying the file is locked. As you may see, DTPO says it’s not locked, just as Preview’s Inspector says.

In fact, if I click overwrite, it seems to work, but it’s a bit odd, isn’t it?


Manuel Aguilar Hendrickson
PDF locked.tiff (222 KB)

Maybe the file has been locked by Mac OS X because another application (e.g. DTPO displaying it?) is using it at the same time?

You don’t need Preview to insert blank pages.

Thanks a lot. I hadn’t noticed Insert a Blank Page was possible inside DTPO. Great!

DTPO was displaying the file in the background. Maybe it may have something to do with the file itself. I’ve tried it again (externally) with another pdf ad I don’t get the message. If I edit the file externally with Skim, the icon in DTPO switches to write-locked, but it doesn’t if I use Preview.

Thanks again