PDF manual Devonthink 3.8.6

I’m reading the manual in the PDF form. But reading the two column per page is not reader friendly.
(You have to scroll back and forward)
Is it possible to make the PDF manual one column per page for the next Devonthink?

Thank you


Completely agree with this!

Perhaps the epub or Kindle version for now is better for you?

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No, this is not possible. The layout of a PDF is not a dynamic or responsive format like HTML content.

PS: literally millions of books have been printed and published in a two column format. This is nothing new. :blush:


It is possible. I just converted the epub version to a pdf using Calibre.

I know that a lot of books are printed in a two column format, but that is ON PAPER and not on your Mac.



A PDF is fixed layout, you can’t reflow it. That was one of the points about it, since people use it to define the appearance of a document on paper. An ePub is just glorified HTML, so of course it can reflow, and user (agents) can change the font (size) and what not. Converting an ePUB to a PDF with or without columns is possible. Converting a PDF from 2- to 1-column layout is not possible.


You had me thinking 3.8.6 had been published for a moment.


Not yet :wink:


Reading a one column pdf is much easier to read and much easier to annotate in Devonthink



It would be nice to read the manual of that version in a one column format…

Well, for printing and reading on the couch, two columns is what the doctor recommends. For screen reading, one column might be friendlier, even though then the lines are too long for comfortable reading. That’s where the EPUB version comes in. At least that were our thoughts when making these choices: PDF for printing, EPUB for reading e.g. on an iPad or even iPhone screen.


Good thinking. Good design basis.

The original poster, or OP, desired a one column PDF for the manual.

What is the format of the manual in its source form?

Can that source document be used to generate a one column PDF output, instead of converting the EPUB to a one column PDF.

A possible advantage of this conversion might be that any links from a table of contents to the body and references to glossaries and link references in the index could still work as hyperlinks, if such links were defined.

So does the EPUB to one column PDF create the same quality of document as the source document to one column PDF?

The source of all the variants of the documentation is XML and it is technically also possible to create a one-column variant of the PDF. It’s more a matter of how many variants make sense to produce, upload, and maintain in the long run for what purpose.


Please keep it simple. Your three formats now provided is enough!


He can put the ePub version into Calibre, and then generate a PDF at his will: font face, font size, margins…


I’m going to to make an one column format with Calibre. After I asked the question I remembered that I had Calibre…

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought a while back that the manuals were provided in PDF, EPUB and MOBI format?

See DEVONtechnologies | Handbooks and Extras

Yes. That’s now - only PDFs. But I thought, in the past, the manuals were offered in EPUB and MOBI format too?