PDF meta tags

is it possible that DEVONthink Pro Office is not able to read out meta tags from pdfs?

I’m asking this because I have tagged a non-text-pdf with the author’s name but after that I cannot find the pdf with the name though it is part of my database.

if there are some settings I missed please let me know, if this isn’t possible please take this as feature request.


PDF document attributes are not directly searchable in Tiger’s PDFKit. Perhaps this will change in the future.

You can add metadata to PDFs using the Info panel Comment field. Afterwards, when exported to the Finder, such added information will be visible in the Spotlight Comment field for the document.

thanks for the fast answer.

But let me add one more comment. I would appreciate it if DT would not only be able to read but also to write PDF meta tags directly. These tags are still existent if I send a pdf to a windows- or linux-user. Spotlight-comments are not I think.