PDF miniatures not behaving as expected

I have two DT3 windows open, both showing miniatures from 2 different PDFs which I want to merge (front and back pages of scanned account statements for a complete year that I want to assemble into per-month statements).

  • I drag/drop one page from window 1 into the correct place in window’s 2 miniature view
  • I select a number of pages in window 2
  • I save these pages in a new record in window 2
  • I change the name of this record (which switches the miniature display to it, back from the original file)
  • Now, going back to the original file in window 2, the page/miniature just inserted there from window 1 is missing
  • If I delete the pages I just saved in window 2 from the complete file, they are gone first but keep reappearing (perhaps when switching the focus to window 1 and back to window 2)

Probably a border case, but still - it would be nice if the miniature view would show the current state of a file at all times.

Edit: After I wrote this post, the behavior reverted to normal. Is that part of DT’s KI: reading bug messages in the forum and then fixing the error by itself?

Sounds more like a typical Heisenbug :grin: Which version of macOS do you use?