PDF miniatures sidebar

Hello, how to display the sidebar with the list of pages in a PDF document ?

I beg your pardon, I found just now Thumbnails in the Content Inspector.

Glad you found it :slight_smile:

Hi there,

DT3 stopped showing any preview in the content inspector pane… it remains blank/empy regardless of which file I choose…

Any suggestions?



Feel free to answer snarkily, because this may be a slightly dumb question: in the content inspector pane, are you sure you have selected Thumbnails rather than Table of Contents? If so, is anything at all displayed (e.g., the words “No Thumbnails”)?

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hey, thanks for your suggestions… I am a strong believer in Murphy´s law and it´s corollaries, but in this case… no… :wink: (see screeshot)

I am indeed actually looking for a hidden switch/option which I may inadvertently have toogled, I just can’t find one…

So maybe it is a bug after all?

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To my knowledge there is no switch. I’ve not seen anybody else report this phenomenon and a quick search didn’t turn up anything either. The display “keine Miniaturen” (or “no thumbnails” in English) is weird. I would actually try restarting your Mac and verifying the database after that. If that doesn’t help, I think your best bet is to wait for input from DEVONtech; you could start a support ticket, actually. I think helping you requires knowledge of where thumbnails are stored or how DT associates them with the respective file - knowledge I don’t have.

thanks - I just opened a ticket…

You will see no thumbnails if the view/edit pane is not open. The document must be displayed.

ah, very good… thanks so far…

For me searching for the right document it would be nice to have the option of getting a preview without having the view/edit pane open/visible…

I’ve never noticed that. Something new every day :slight_smile: