PDF Pages column?

Hiya guys,

I’ve just recently done a full format and updated to macOS Sierra, complete with a fresh install of all software.
I’ve now noticed in DEVONthink Pro Office that I used to have a column to the right, and when looking at PDF’s it would show all the separate pages, and I could right click and delete some etc., but since the new install the column is blank, I’ve looked through the preferences but can’t seem to find the magic box to tick to turn this back on, can anyone help?



That’s a bug of Sierra, version 2.9.5 will work around this and many other PDFKit issues of macOS 10.12 and will be available later this week.

Oh great stuff, thanks for that, much appreciated, thought I was going little mad. :slight_smile:

installed Version 2.9.5 today, Update to Sierra…and i have the same problem…no
page-nummbers at the sidebar and no way to delete pages in a pdf…
What to do??? Please help…!!!


There were several unforeseen issues caused by fundamental changes Apple introduced in Sierra.​ The release of DEVONthink ​2.9.5 ​has corrected many of these errors, but please refer to the ​Help > Release Notes ​for a few outstanding issues related to the changes Apple made to the PDFKit framework.

Dear Jim, do you have any idea when this issues will be fixed? It’s a horrible workaround to open any .pdf parallel in Acrobat for editing… Best regards

Sorry, but we can’t comment on future releases. Rest assured we are hard at work on fixing what we can. Thanks.

Hi Jim,
installed Version 2.9.6 today, OS Sierra…and i still have the same problem…no
page-nummbers at the sidebar and no way to delete the last page in a pdf. If i delete
a page in the middle of a pdf, the sidebar is not updated…the workflow is not realy better…
best reguards

Again, please refer to the Release Notes. Bear in mind that Apple has made fundamental changes to the PDFKit in Sierra. These are changes they are not likely to fix (and yes, it affects other developers as well). Because of this we are having to recreate certain things that were previously available from Apple.

Just installed Version 2.9.7 on Sierra 10.12.1.
The sidebar looks like before…Side-Nr is aviable, deleting Sides is working.
great job…thank you…
drag and drop in the sidebar doesn’t work.
if i make changes in a PDF, close the window with the red dot and answer the question about saving the changes with “not save” the PDF is saved automaticaly in the background with the changes i made…PDF perhaps damaged by wrong edit… Not so good… :frowning:
if i insert an empty page in a PDF in the sidebar with the context-menue, it will get a wrong side-Nr. (ever nr 1)…

Best regards
Holger Vokuhl

That’s a known issue, see version history.