PDF quality

I’d like to have better control of the quality of PDFs created by/for DTP.
PDF creation has been part of my professional work for many years now so I’m well steeped in quality issues and settings.

Specifically I’d like to take advantage of the “save to DEVONthink Pro.scpt” that’s available when saving web pages from a web browser. I can control the settings for the PDF (high quality, low quality) in the printer settings but no matter what the settings, the created PDFs have the same quality. This shows in the images.

I’d like better quality images in the PDFs that are created for DTP but I’m stymied as to where to control such quality. I’m happy to accept larger database files for better quality images. Such is not trivial for me as I’m a graphic designer and fine control over image quality.

Any thoughts?


The Print to DEVONthink Pro script simply calls the “Save as PDF” routine from the Print panel, using the default Quartz/ColorSynch settings of OS X and the page size and orientation settings of Printer Setup. The PDF version will be 1.4. The script then allows choice of the group to which the PDF will be saved.

To get the best possible images from the conversion to PDF, avoid using the Preview mode, as that will degrade image quality, per OS X online help on printing as PDF.