PDF reader font smoothing

I’m a new user currently testing trial of DevonThink and DTTG. I primarily work with text & formula-based PDFs so reading experience is super-critical for me.

What I’ve noticed is that DTTG uses PDF reader which makes text blurrier than other readers (GoodReader, PDF Expert). To evidence this, please see the attached screenshot from a PDF when viewed in GoodReader (upper picture) and DTTG (bottom picture).

Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 8.33.12

The edges of the text in the DTTG-based screenshot are noticeably fuzzier and less crisp.

Is that something that could in the future potentially change?

In the Mac app text is perfectly crisp so it is only DTTG where I experience this.

Actually, DEVONthink To Go uses PSPDFKit, not iOS’ native PDF library which should use the same system functionality to render fonts that GoodReader.

Thanks. Let me correct the statement in my orig post.

Still, the question is - can the font smoothing be improved?

Welcome @fragilequant

May I ask why you’re zooming in so closely on the document?

Hello @BLUEFROG, this is just an example - to show & explain in detail what I mean by ‘blurrier’. You can see there is more ‘feather’ around the text when displayed by DTTG which makes the contours less sharp.

It is not that I’d be reading like this. But I still do notice the sharpness / blur difference from a normal reading distance & normal zoom.

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Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

I am not aware of any settings related to font smoothing that we could programmatically adjust. Sorry.

I’ve submitted it to PSPDFKit. Let’s see if they can do something.

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