PDF reader has become very brittle

I’ve been using my DT database for my financial documents as normal, but I’m now finding that a whole bunch of different PDFs will cause it to crash unpredictably. This is much more brittle behavior that I’ve ever seen in the past from the PDF viewer. Unfortunately I can’t just post any of the PDFs here, because they contain sensitive information. But all I seem to need to do to reproduce this problem is to open any folder and look at each one of the PDFs in turn.


Hi. Are you on Yosemite? I’ve had problems with the OS as well. Something must have changed. Please do report the errors to give the developers more info. I think the recommended workarounds for now are to use the icon view (far left) and close the sidebar when looking at PDFs (fifth button from the right).

Please start a Support ticket, including a description of the issue, what you were doing at the time of a crash, and attach or copy/paste a relevant DEVONthink crash log. That may provide information useful in diagnosis of your issues.

No such problems here. I’ve viewed a number of PDFs in DEVONthink Pro Office 2.8.2 under OS X 10.10.1. No issues, no crashes. But my experience isn’t helpful to you, of course. :slight_smile: