PDF Search in DTTG bugs?


I find two things not really logical for search PDF within the DTTG application.

  1. Let’s say I need to see where to find the word “bread” in a document. I click on the magnifying glass and type in “bread”. It gives me 40 occurrences. I click the first one to see if that is the right one I need. But then, the search bar displaying the results from the magnifying glass disappears. I need to re-click it every time I want to search for another occurrence of the word “bread” inside the document. It would be more logical to keep displaying the search results so that not so many actions are needed.

  2. Let’s say I want to search for “wikilinks” inside the book “Take Control of Devonthink”. From the dashboard I type in “take” to find the book. I find the book and click on it. Now I want to search for “wikilinks”. I click on the magnifying glass, but in the search bar in the PDF the word “take” is still displayed, even though that was a search word inside the main dashboard of DTTG.

But then, when I delete the word “take” and type in "wikilinks, the document will search for wikilinks but the search bar will vanish until I click on the magnifying glass again (see point 1. above). BUT, when I click on the magnifying glass again, the word “take” is again displayed instead of “wikilinks”.

This probably has to do because in the main search bar in the beginning of DTTG the word “take” is still there because of the search of the book “take control of Devonthink”. But this would mean that every time I want to search something inside of another document, I need to do the following:

  1. search “take back control devonthink”
  2. click on magnifying glass
  3. delete the word “take” and enter “wikilinks”
  4. click on a search result to see whether it’s the right one; if not, then
  5. click on the magnifying glass again;
  6. delete the word "take and enter “wikilinks”
  7. insert infinite loop of step 2 until 7

I do know it’s also possible to scroll back to the first search bar and delete the word “take” there, but it just does not make a lot of sense to me and it’s certainly not that user-friendly.

Am I right in this take or am I missing some setting inside DTTG to solve my problems with my two issues above?

That behaviour was explicitly requested by users; to me the request seems logical and in line with the behaviour of DT3 on the Mac. When I use search, I am likely to search for a term in the main search, select the document containing that search term, and then want to see where the term is within the document. You, of course, are describing a different (but equally valid) way of using search.

I agree, to me that makes no sense.

Eric (@eboehnisch) please can you take a look at this thread? Thanks :slight_smile:

To me not either. Noted as a glitch :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Eric,

Do you by any chance know if this is on the list to fix in a next update? It makes the search function in documents quite unworkable for me. As I have big files I need to look into, this bug results that I need to re-type my search word every time I click on a result.

EDIT: MY BAD. It is fixed already. I just hadn’t update the app yet. Thanks you so much!