PDF Search Tool - Does it have to start at the beginning?

Search Tool Improvement - can anyone tell me if I am overlooking something, or is it the case that when you Command - F search an open pdf within DT the search starts again at the beginning of the document every time you come back to the document?

If so, there must be room for improvement here. I’m searching, as will be many users, 100 and 1000 page documents. Its a little infuriating to have to start at the beginning especially if the word is relatively common within the document.

Is there a work around?



Command-F is Apple’s Find routine. It will highlight every instance of the search term in the PDF, and scroll to the first instance. I agree this can be daunting in a large document in which the term occurs frequently.

You can navigate to the next instance of the highlighted term using the menubar command Go > Next Highlight. There’s a keyboard shortcut, Control-Command-Right Arrow.

Yes, each time you open a PDF and invoke Command-F, it will highlight the term and scroll down to the first occurrence. If you open the PDF in its own window and invoke Find, you won’t lose your scrolling position (assuming you are examining each occurrence of the highlighted term) until you close that window.

But If you have a situation in which, for example, the 3rd, 18th and 59th occurrences of the highlighted term are the ones of most interest, and you will need to see those next time the PDF is opened, a possible workaround would be to create an Annotation note for the PDF (select the PDF and invoke Data > New from Template > Annotation – there’s a keyboard shortcut), then copy the Page Links for the occurrences of those highlights one after the other and paste them into the Annotation note. This will create hyperlinks to specific pages of the PDF on which the term occurs. Text in an Annotation note is searchable, there is a link from the Annotation note to the referenced document and a link from the referenced document to its Annotation note.

Does that help?

I do not know about the OP but your last paragraph Bill is certainly a help to me, thanks :smiley:

Great workaround, Bill. This will save lots of time.