PDF search

I have a number of documents that contain both handwritten portions, and type written materials. I have organized my scans into folders that correspond with various projects. When searching for documents, the name of the project is not always typed, and is sometimes handwritten. As a consequence, I rely upon the groups that I have created to act as a quick way to search for documents that contain the handwritten (or missing) key word, and for which OCR does not provide a text conversion.

I’ve noticed that when performing a search for these types of documents by typing the group as a search criteria (either first in the list of search terms, or not), the relevant documents do not always appear in my search results. This is quite odd, as I believe that groups are added as tags to imported documents, and should be searchable by the program, correct? Please advise if you have any solutions.

No, you can search for groups by name, but search does not consider the group in which a document is saved.

When tagging is released in a future update, you will be able to search by tag.

Note that you can enter a note or keyword into the Comment field of a document’s Info panel, and the Comment field is searchable.

Is there quick way to add a comment notation based upon the group assignment? In other words, if I’ve placed file “X” into group “Y”, is there a way to add “Y” to the “X”'s comment section?

This is not built-in but you can, of course, accomplish something like this using AppleScript.