PDF size in preview

I am a little frustrated by the size of the PDF in the preview window which is rather large. When I zoom to actual size it looks fine but after I close it down it reverts to a large size again can I set the preview of PDF’s to a size I prefer and retain it?

DevonThink 2 or DevonThink 3?
in DevonThink 3 there is an option to resize. Not in DevonThink 2

Yes I can see this but how can I fix the size on all PDF’s

If you enable Automatically resize in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Media, these are the automatic sizes you’ll see when select PDFs.

Single Page = Zoom to Fit
Single Page Continuous = Zoom to Width

If you deselect the option, the PDF displays Actual Size.

Other manually zoomed values are not preserved.
Development would have to assess that.

Thanks, that worked.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Glad I searched here… but, I had trouble finding the correct place in Preferences… 2021, DT3, the actual place is now in > Files > Multi-media… and I had to do some ‘frigging in the rigging’ there… but, it worked… thanks.

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You’re welcome.