PDF Table of Contents?


I am new to DevonThink and I think it’ll be a great tool to manage the different kinds of contents I have on my computer. I specifically have a lot of PDFs, many of which have their whole table of contents bookmarked. In Preview, these tables of contents appear in the Drawer on the right side, but in DevonThink, I can’t find a way to display them.

Is there a way?

If there isn’t, then I am hereby suggesting the feature for DevonThink 2 or whenever you can implement it, as it would make the indexing of PDFs that much more useful.



Hi, Félix. We are using Apple’s PDFKit to display PDFs, and bookmarks are not yet available. We hope this and some other useful features will be added by Apple in a future release of PDFKit.

Bookmarking of pages in documents in DTPro is one feature that would make my life immensely easier. I think it’s a mistake to tie implementing this feature to Apple’s PDF Toolkit for the following reasons

  1. Apple’s implementation of bookmarks in Preview sucks! It’s useless.

  2. This feature would be easy to implement in DT Pro.

All that is really required is for DT Pro to create a record storing the pointer to the currently open document together with the page number. This information is already available to the application, it has to be to support the existing functionality.

So the way this would work is when the user wants to create a bookmark to say the page he is viewing in a pdf he clicks a buttons, uses a menu or context-menu command to save a bookmark. A new entry is created in the current group which the user can name appropriately. A new icon would be required to indicate that the item is bookmarked (shouldn’t be too difficult). Then anytime the user clicks on the bookmark DT fetches the record displays the document and switches to the required page. Everything that DT requires to do this is pretty much part of DT at the moment. A decent programmer could probably get such a feature working in a couple of days. Mostly what’s required is a new record type for a bookmark together with a new fork in the code for handling clicking on an entry in the current group and a few hooks in the menus. For efficiency the code will also need to check whether the document is already displayed and use the open version instead of displaying another copy. Nothing major. Since the items would operate just like any other entry in DT we could even add comments to explain the reason for the bookmark.

Taking this further (down the road) it would be nice to allow creating bookmark links in text and RTF files which would go to the chosen page in the chosen pdf document.

Ok, I know I’m probably over-simplifying this a little but I really have difficulty believing that this one would take much work.

Why do I need such a feature I hear you ask? Well I use DT to store pdfs related to the masters course I’m studying and I frequently come across sections of books and papers that I wish to come back to later to study in more detail. Bookmarks are the ideal way to manage this.

No doubt the people who favour finding everything in DT by searching are going to jump on me and say why don’t I just search for them when I need to go back to them? That presupposes that I will remember the item in the first place and remember something suitable to search for in the second place and then spend 15 minutes or whatever browsing through the search results trying to find the piece I’m looking for. Not very efficient or workable.

How much better to just click a button and it’s done. Isn’t that what computers are for?