PDF Text Annotations without border?

I must be missing something, but in DTP 3.0.1 I am adding text annotations to a PDF, but I can’t seem to get rid of the border around the text. Here is an example:

And the sheet that appears when I double click the annotation

Any suggestions for getting rid of the border, and can that be configured as the default?

Currently, there are no default settings in the Annotation properties. it should remember the last used values.

Also, the border is only shown when you have the annotation selected with the Select tool.

However, @cgrunenberg would have to address the border shows after deselecting until the file is reselected.

Thanks for the hint @BLUEFROG. It seems I totally misunderstood the UI of the Annotations window. I was changing the width and clicking the Set button. This appears to do nothing to change the attributes of the annotation. I had to change the Thickness value to 0 and the press Tab to exit the field. I then got the behavior I was expecting.

So, that leaves the obvious question of what is the Set button for?

The Set button is to set the page of a URL link, i.e., when linking to another page in the same document.