PDF+text file size dramatically inflated after deleting pages

DEVONthink 3.6.2
Hello, I recently noticed very strange behaviour of DEVONthink. I imported an internet magazine in PDF (about 76 pages, about 78,8 MB, imported as PDF+text → no OCR was needed). Then I deleted few unimportant pages in DEVONthink. I expected, the file could maybe shrink a little bit. However, what happened was quite opposite: With 41 pages is the file now 202,8 MB. This size is also shown in Finder. I made an additional experiment: I imported the same file again and deleted just a single page - the file inflated to 337,9 MB. Quite strange, isn’t it?
Might it be a bug or there is a need for some tweak in settings?

This is most likely due to limitations of the PDFkit framework of macOS which creates the saved file. Does this also happen e.g. with Preview.app?

Yes, you are right. The same behaviour occurs also in Preview. I didn’t notice it as I do not use the Preview for working with PDF documents. Is there any workaround available or is there any recommended workflow for such case? I mean removal of pages from larger PDF documents.

The only option would be to use a third-party PDF editor that doesn’t use PDFkit (e.g. Adobe) for such PDF documents.