PDF to text in MacOS Catalina

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as I understood the feature no longer works since it is 32 bit. You also do not plan to release a 64 bit version and instead want to sell an upgrade to 3.x version.

I find this very sad since this is the sole reason I bought 2.x not so long ago and I did plan to use it several years.

I would have expected a fix since this is an oversight on your part or a substantial rebate for 3.x for affected users.

Yes Catalina is not yet out you may ignore this until it is.

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Hi Stefan! I feel this is a case of bad luck. I bought my original license last year, and sure, paying for an upgrade less than a year later hurts a little. On the other hand, you actually do receive a substantial rebate on the upgrade - it is half price when compared to a new purchase. In fact, my DTPO2 license plus the upgrade to DT3Pro was priced in much the same realm a novel DT3Pro licence currently is.
At the same time it is quite apparent how much work DT have put into DT3 - it is not just a 64-bit version of the previous software, but instead a more powerful and pleasing beast altogether.

In a day and age when software subscriptions are becoming more common, I love DT for not going down that path. However, the downside is that some users will be hit by upgrade costs less fairly than others. There is no way around that - say the product was 75 % for those who purchased the old product in the last 6 months - well, that would be bad luck for those who purchased 6 months and 1 day ago. And so on.

I sympathise with you - but I honestly feel I have got more than my money’s worth despite having used DTPO2 for less than a year and then footing the upgrade. DT’s responsiveness in the forums is another reason I feel happy having paid for the product. I hope with you that the same happy feeling overcomes you too!

And sure, these ramblings are just my humble opinion. I’ve only posted hoping that maybe I can add a little positive aspect to your experience.



thanks for the response. For me the solutions is to use another product which gives me free ocr. The developers knew for a long time that 32 bit is dead, that just doesn’t sit right with me.

Maybe there will be an update with disabled multi threading but I do not think so at the moment.

The developers knew for a long time that 32 bit is dead

Actually, that is incorrect.
Apple has been threatening to stop supporting 32-bit applications for many years and have changed their minds at the last moment each time. macOS 10.15 seems like the release that may truly stop all support for them, but I’ll believe it when they go gold master… and then I’ll still take it with a grain of salt for awhile. :slight_smile: