PDF URL Links - strange behavior


When I try to add a link to a bit of text in a pdf, I cannot see the link, nor can I affect any kind of color or style. The only way I know it’s there is when the cursor rolls over it.
I tried to create a box and make that a link, but there is no URL link type availalbe (it’s greyed)
When I try to use the “link” tool and make a box with that, I cannot affect the colors and also cannot see it.
When I try to make a text box, I can make the text another color, but then once I click on the link and go back to the doc, the text disappears and I’m left with a small transparent box.
Is this a bug, or am I not doing something correctly?



I’m not sure but perhaps DT does not allow for this kind of PDF editing.

Hi, thanks for the reply, but all those tools are there in the toolbar, so I would assume they are meant to be used…must be something I’m doing wrong…

I see same thing. Right mouse click in the PDF viewer on some text, and pick “Add Link…” Link there when hover mouse, but no colors. Perhaps a setting somewhere hiding in plain sight for how to highlight links, but I can’t spot it.


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There is no visible attribute of a link annotation unless you’re in Tools > Mode > Annotation Selection mode.
However, these annotations are accessible in the Document > Links inspector in any mode.

Here is a link I manually added just now and I’m not in Annotation Selection mode…

thanks, but is that link clickable in the inspector? I made a comment before and a text link and I dont think they were clickable. Also when you made that discount tire link, is that a box you made over a graphic in the pdf?

Is there any way to indicate in-line while you’re reading that there’s a link on the page besides rolling over it w/ your mouse and looking in the panel (as when looking in the panel, it’s not clear where in the document it is, and when I’m reading a text, I’d like to know there’s a link w/o constantly checking the panel).



Yes, that’s an area I dragged. You are creating a hotspot to click on when you create a link annotation.

No, there is no appearance to a link annotation unless you have the link selected in the inspector or you’re in Annotation Selection mode.

hmmm. is this a future feature? Otherwise I have to use acrobat to markup and read these kinds of pdfs quickly. cheers,


There are no current plans to modify this behavior. Development would have to assess the request.