PDF Viewing: Continuous Horizontal

I have many PDF music scores. The option for continuous horizontal scrolling in DTTG is terrific and a much more efficient way to view this kind of content (and not usually possible in other PDF apps).

It appears this is not possible on DEVONthink for Mac? It would be very helpful to have this!

I don’t know exactly what you mean … but in the meantime if DEVONthink can’t be urged to do what you want, do you know of another macOS app that will view the PDF as you want? You can store the PDF in DEVONthink, but view in that app.

Welcome @Lydian91
The PDF frameworks aren’t the same in DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go. This may be possible but it’s the first request I can recall.

As noted by @rmschne, a third-party app may work and the PDF Viewer application from the developers of DEVONthink To Go’s PDF framework does allow horizontal scrolling.