Pdf viewing: some suggestions

Viewing pdf documents has made great strides. Below a few suggestions:

  • For longer documents, it is great if the app can remember the page position when returning to a previously accessed pdf. Curiously, this works in DTTG with all of my encrypted pdfs, but not with plain ones. Can others reproduce that?

  • The new “scroll handle” on the right side for very large documents in awesome. But it seems to only work for long multi-page documents. I have a lot of “all-in-one-page” pdfs, that I get through the DT Safari Clip extension. I love that format for archival webpage capture. But those would also greatly benefit from the scroll-handle.

  • It would be really great if “single page” vs “continuous” views could be selected instantaneously on a per-document basis (ideally, remembering the chosen format for a given document) instead of making it a choice in the DTTG preferences.

DTTG is becoming a top-notch pdf viewer! In fact, I find it superior to other dedicated viewers now with one exception: It is always single-document, no tabs with multiple docs open. But that’s probably a major architectural issue (DTTG 3?).

I don’t have any encrypted PDFs to compare to, but I can confirm that any given non-encysted PDF does not remember page position (which is infuriating for multi-hundred-page books!

Does this only happen in continuous scrolling mode, maybe? This seems to be a bug in the PDF framework we’re using and is reported to their team.

Indeed, Eric! Once I switched back to “not continuous”, all pdfs kept their positions. The moment I selected “continuous” again, all that information was gone. Reverting one more time to “not continuous” did not restore the page history.

Anyway, you’ve already identified the problem in the toolkit.