PDF vs. Plain Text Search

Hey, I am having this weird behavior:

  1. Native searchable PDF (not OCRed) contains this exact string: " TERMINACIÓN DEL PROCESO POR PAGO".
  2. Searching the exact string within quotation marks returns the string. But searching termina* NEAR/15 pago totally ignores such string.
  3. Yet, if I convert the PDF to plain text, the NEAR search returns the string.

Any ideas on the cause and how to fix it? Thanks!

Edit: Search settings: both ignore cases and enable operators and wildchards are checked.

Did you use the toolbar search or the Search inspector? Any chance that you could provide a copy of the document? Thank you!

I used the Search inspector. Here is the document. Any ideas would be appreciated!
2016-02-19 - Código General.pdf (8.6 MB)

Thank you! I was able to reproduce the issue, the next release will fix this.

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That was quick. Thanks!!!