PDF with no text but have text

I’ve converted some ePub books to PDF with Calibre. Imported in DTPO they are shown as no searchable (“PDF” instead of “PDF+Text”).

However, those PDF are searchable because PDF Expert is able to find text inside, and even DTPO can line select and mark.

I’ve read some Calibre forum message from the developer that says is an encoding limitation of macOS.

mobileread.com/forums/showt … p?t=220576

Basically, any proposed solution to resolve the issue does not work to me, and a manual OCR deals in a 100 MB file from a 1.7 MB one, bitmapped instead of vectorized fonts.

Is there any solution to this? (DTPO able to read this kind of PDF “encoding”, as PDF Expert does?) Thanks in advance.

PS: I can send some samples, if you want, but is as easy as use Calibre to convert any ebook to PDF.

PS1: Better could be if DTPO will support and read ePub format. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

PDF Expert doesn’t use Apple’s PDFKit. Neither does Acrobat.

You could try reimporting the PDFs, but there’s no simple fix to it.

And while we never say never, it isn’t likely we’ll support ePub reading any time soon.


The thing is in iOS, same PDF is searchable in DTGO. :smiley:

(I know, because you are using the “PDF Viewer” toolkit instead of the native iOS one).

Correct, it is a different framework on iOS.

Just after answering here, I found a solution:

Open Calibre generated PDF with Preview.
Select “Save…”
And select “Create Generic PDFX-3 document” or “Reduce Size” (that doesn’t reduce size).

Result PDF still have internal links and TOC, and x3 size, but as original sizes from 1 to 5 MB, is an acceptable size increment.

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Noted. Thanks for the info. And a good call. Works well here.