PDF won't vanish from trash

Hello everyone,

I’m a new DT Pro user and so far love this program. It doesn’t only have a lot of functions but it’s also quite easy to use. Which means, I didn’t have to consult any help menus or user boards by now :slight_smile:

I just have one problem that bugs me a little:
I have moved a password protected PDF to the trash and it won’t vanish when I empty the trash. I have even looked the file up in the finder and deleted it there, but it’s still in DT Pro’s trash.

Any ideas on how to get rid of it :question:

The file is probably locked. In the file display if there is a little lock icon, then open Tools > Show Info and uncheck the Locked box. Then empty the trash.

Aaaargh, right in front of me facepalm :unamused:

Thanks a lot korm! :wink: