Pdfpen7PRO by Smiley ok with Devonthink?

Need a pdf app for my mac that can edit text inside .pdf files.

Anyone have experience with pdfpen 7 PRO. Cost is $125 so want to make sure it work fine with DTPO before buying.

Anyone with experience of this app? Looked through old posts and found some info there.

PDFPen Pro is ok. I’m not wild about it, because it can do some odd things with annotations, the tools can be fussy to use, and edits can make surprising change to the appearance of the document. For some reason I always find I’m fighting with PDFPen to get it to do what it’s supposed to do. I’d rather use Acrobat – which is even odder, but at least is consistent.

On the other hand, Smile does keep their apps well up-to-date and supported and responds to requests and problem tickets.

Best thing is to get the trial and try it.

Ok sounds good. I never liked Adobes products. Feels like working on a PC. i also do not like the price of Adobe Professional.

And I really do not like to subscribe to apps. I want to buy and own the right to use them.
That is a BIG Plus with Devonthink compare to i.e. Evernote.

So I will try the Pdfpen then!

Thanks for your fast answer!

I did buy Pdfpen 7 and decided to go for the PRO version.

Not cheap but I prefer to pay for the app itself and not pay monthly like Adobe offers. Look for coupons and offers. (Only version bought at Apple Store are able to sync to iCloud Drive). I prefer nowadays to buy my apps right from the developers homepage however, then I am sure to get upgrades for a discounted price.

I asked one pre-sale question before buying and one short support question afterwards - both answered within 30 minutes on a Saturday night (!) so very happy with their support - definitely as good as DevonThinks support :wink:.

App itself very intuitive. Great instruction/tutorial videos on Smilesoftwares homepage. Played with the app for a day and I am impressed.

Works perfect together with DevonThink and is now my default .pdfviewer. Most important difference from Preview is that I can edit the pdf easy and also export it to a format that could be read by Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

I don´t have so much use for the OCR-function, prefer to use the built in ABBY in DevonThink PRO Office.

Korm mentioned that he had some quirks with the app but I have not experienced any so far.

Got the tip from David Sparky, macsparkys - same guy who did the podcast about Devonthink. He also did the video tutorials for Pdfpen 7.

I also bought Textexpander from the same company after listening to more Mac Power Users podcasts from David & Katie.

So so far I can reallyrecommend Pdfpen7.

I also bought the Take Control book - helps even if Smilesoftware has a lot of info on their home page.


Yeah, Smile’s Support and Help is very well know for great customer service (and has been for a long time)! :smiley:

I’ve got PDFpenPro 6 and it’s fine as well. Not too bothered to upgrade at the moment, but might be forced to if 6 isn’t supported in the next OS X upgrade.

It runs a lot faster than Preview, for large documents.

I also got the Pdfpen 2 and Pdfpen Scan+ for iPad and iPhone.

Two smart little apps that makes it very easy to scan with the iOS device, OCR the document if I want and then just send it right in to DTTG:s inbox.

Sync with the main database on my computer and voilla I have a system/workflow that is complete when on the go.

Scansnap with its integration with DTPO is superior but it is nice to have a system that works when mobile.