pdfs always start on last page, not first

This feels really silly, and hopefully I’m just missing a quick fix.

I have tons of 2 page pdfs that have been scanned (thousands of them), and whenever I view them in Devonthink, they always start at the second page, not the first page. How do I make them start on page 1??

please help!!


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Why do you need them all to open on page 1 if you’re not accessing all of them at once? When you navigate to page 1 on one, it should remember the page you were on when you swtich and return to that document.

I’d like them to open on page one because I click through them quickly to read information off of page 1 on each sheet, so I can tag each sheet accordingly. Having to click, scroll, click, scroll is a pain. We’re talking about thousands of sheets, so it adds up in the long run.

It doesn’t remember that I was on page 1. Each document starts on page 2. I sure wish it did, though!!


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DEVONthink remembers the last viewed page but by default the first page should be displayed after importing PDF documents. Isn’t that the case? A screenshot of the display and of Preferences > Media might be useful.


Did you find a way to make the pdf go to the first page by default? (in the preview pane) I also find it very annoying.

Here’s my media preferences.
Every multi-page document that goes into my inbox shows the last page in the preview pane. I want it to show the first page by default (ideally: allways)

Did you import & view this document already on another computer/device?