PDFs exported from DTP don't open in Windows

Hi all-

I have an issue. I’ve got about 60 PDFs or so I’d like to make available to my boss, on their computer, which runs Windows XP and adobe acrobat 7 (neither of which can be changed AFAIK). I exported them using File—>Export—>Files and Folders, put them on a thumb drive, and stuck them on boss’s computer.

But once they are on there, looking at the folder they’re in shows that there are the PDFS, plus 60 greyed-out “duplicates” that are 4kb each. So that’s weird. On top of that, trying to open any of them gives me an error message, something along the lines of “There is a problem with the directory, syntax, etc. etc. and the file cannot be opened”.

Ideas? I’d really like to be able to store PDFs in DTP and share them with other users without these headaches. Thanks

Are you able to open the PDF documents via Data > Open With > Preview? Then the version of Acrobat might be incompatible as “File > Export > as Files and Folders” doesn’t modify files.

Okay, but do you know what’s going on with the duplicate files?

edit: never mind, it must be a quirk of their machine b/c it doesn’t happen on my windows box here. Thanks for the tip, I’ll see if I can get reader upgraded.

Hate to revive this thread but RTFs and RTFDs exported as “RTF” don’t open on the boss’ machine either - they are just garbled nonsense, or alternatively have crazy, unreadable formatting. Any advice?

update: the error she gets is described here (the second one): kb2.adobe.com/cps/332/332222.html

my question is: if they’re unable to update, can someone explain why Acrobat 7 thinks DTP’s filenames are non-latin 1 characters?

Windows doesn’t support RTFD files but modern Windows applications should at least be able to open the RTF files created by Mac OS X.