PDFs Imported Into DEVONThink Database Sometimes End Up Empt

I am evaluating a copy of DEVONThink Pro Office and ran into a problem the other day that I am troubleshooting.

I dropped about 10 PDFs into the inbox. In the Inbox, they all had nice looking thumbnails. First, I dragged them, all 10 over at once, into my test database and in doing so I ended up with a bunch of empty PDFs.

If I use the DEVONThink preview by selecting the items, the result says no selection. If I try to open these in OSX Preview, I get the message "Test.pdf” could not be opened because it is empty. I can make out what the document is by looking at the thumbnail, but it appears there is no detail in the pdf.

Nonetheless they all still are taking up space in my database according to the size they were originally. So, even though OSX is reporting them empty, they are not 0 bytes and they are taking up space in my database.

I tried again later that day, dragging and dropping one at a time and it seemed the problem fixed – it did not occur doing one at a time. That is, until tonight, when I dropped one at a time from my inbox from my ScanSnap, into a new test database – most (but not all) of the PDFs come up empty. 4 out of 30 contain the content they are supposed to have and 26 are empty – The only way I know to fix this is to rescan all 26 of the defective PDFs.

I just wondered if anyone on this forum might know if I am doing something wrong or if this is known bug with the software? Has anyone else seen this problem before?


Lots of gremlins can affect PDFs. It might help if you wrote the DTech help desk directly and attached one of the PDFs that generates errors.