PDFs in Files Folder but not in DTPro

I recently had a hard disk failure on my macbook but was been able to restore most of my files from the disk.
DTPro and its db seemed to be fine at first glance but it turned out that DTPro lost all the PDFs that I put in before. The strange thing is that the missing files are still in the “Files” folder within the .dtBase package and I can open them without a problem in Preview. Whereas DTPro doesn’t show any contents of the files.

Any idea about how I could get them in DTPro again?

Ciao + Thanks,


If you’re sure that they’re not referenced anymore, then move them outside of the “Files” folder and import them afterwards.

Ok, I just moved them out of the Files folder and imported them again. Unfortunately the PDFs are put in the root of my db instead of the appropriate groups. Furthermore I have a lot of doubles now as the the old entries are still around.
Is there a way “to update” the existing entries so they connect to the files again?

There are two possibilities:

  1. Restoring a backup
  2. Setting the correct path of each item via the Info panel

Setting the paths didn’t work, but using the backup did!

Thanks a lot!