PDFs - more features please?


(I’m following what’s been said here: devon-technologies.com/phpBB … php?t=3379)

One of the things I use DTP for is to organize (sort and rename) my pdf articles (now more than 1500 in the dtBase). Another thing I do is write summaries of those pdf with the main info I take from their contents.

To make everything smoother, I’d like to see a few new features in DTP:

  1. To be able to see pdf files more easily. I really miss the side preview of the several pages in the pdf file (like Preview or Adobe Acrobat/Reader do), thus allowing me to have a better perspective on the data inside the file. (And not to scroll and scroll until I spot a map, for instance.)

  2. To be able to highlight and comment the pdf files directly in the dtBase (and not on Preview or Adobe Acrobat). That could also mean that those editing changes (comments and highlights) would eventually only be available in the dtBase, maintaining the pdf file untouched. Like an attached comment to the file and not a change in the file itself.

Would this be possible?

So much time would be saved like this.

– MJ

That’s of course possible and will be probably part of a future release.


The only backside is to wait now…

– MJ