PDFs Sent to Sorter/DTPO Not Appearing in Global Inbox

I’ve been using DevonThink for quite some time without problem, but suddenly the Sorter isn’t working for me with PDFs, and I can’t send PDFs to the global inbox via the services menu either.

If I drag a file to the sorter it makes a click noise like the file was added, but the file doesn’t appear in my Global Inbox. Weirdly those files do appear in the folder Library/Application Support/DevonThink/Sorter … but none of the files in that folder appear in my Global Inbox (or anywhere else in my DevonThink databases).

If I try to send a PDF to DevonThink by double clicking it and selecting “services” then “Add to DevonThink Pro Office” I just get an error message in the DevonThink log that says “~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Sorter/Global Inbox/120.pdf Failed”

But the Sorter isn’t completely failing to add things to the Global Inbox. Oddly, if I go to the sorter and tell it to create a text note and save it, that appears in the Global Inbox just fine. And if I drag a URL from my web browser to the sorter, that appears in my Global Inbox too. There just seems to suddenly be no way to get PDFs into DevonThink (something I’ve done many times in the past).

Also, in what may be a connected or separate issue, earlier today I tried to add other folder locations to the Sorter and they just appeared shaded (not highlighted as folders I could send items to), and if I tried to add any files to those folders via the Sorter I got an error message telling me it was unable to add to those folders and asking if I wanted to add to the Global Inbox instead (and if I selected yes, the files disappeared into that Library/Application Support/DevonThink/Sorter folder and didn’t appear in my Global Inbox).

I updated to DTPO 2.5.1 today and I wonder if this is a glitch suddenly introduced by that update? (Just for the record, I’m running DTPO on a mac, OS 10.8.2)

Any help much appreciated!

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