PDFs zoom

Hey there,

I find pdfs’ width hard to read and I was wondering if there’s a way to set the default zoom to 150% without having to manually resize every single file in my db…

Thank you so much!

This is not yet possible but we might add a preference for default zooming.

Has this been updated in the intervening three years?

DEVONthink seems to give little thought to Zoom across file types, which is a real shame.

I have had a similar problem. Often when I open a PDF in Devonthink, the window is very small and I have to drag it to a more acceptable size each time.

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Preferences > Media > PDF Display set to Single Page defaults to Zoom to Fit. Set to Single Page Continuous defaults to Zoom to Width.

I’m disappointed to see this hasn’t been updated in DT3 as it was one of the many UI quirks that deterred me from using DT2.

At the very least this behaviour should be documented in the Help – I scoured the DT3 help without success before searching the forums (and coming across my old post).

I don’t really see the logic of having a preference that controls scrolling also control zoom – these are two settings that should probably be independent of one another.

It seems normal to me. In 3.0, once I set zoom to width (by button) in a group all pdf files within the group are automatically adjusted to the same display setting. In 2.n, that’s not the case.

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