Per-group view column selections

Column selections should be able to be set per-group.

I don’t agree with or understand the ‘arguments’ against this in the context of DTPO2 in an old thread.

For certain groups I like to see the modified date (say); for others it will be irrelevant.

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Please let me add my voice to this request :slight_smile: Or is there a way of setting columns on a per-group basis rather than per database which I have missed? It would certainly be useful if there were :slight_smile:

Being able to display further columns would also be useful (I’m thinking of “Author” here, which would be useful when viewing e-mails); I can circumnavigate that problem by copying “Author” to custom metadata and then displaying that column - but again, only at a per database level.

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I agree this would be extremely useful. It is time consuming to have to change the displayed columns for a group, then find that those are the columns displayed for all other groups and have to change them back.