Permit Inbox to be added as a favourite

Would it be possible to allow an Inbox to be added as a favourite?
That option isn’t in the context menu for my (Global) Inbox - and I’d assumed from your blog post that most things could become favourites.

(I was trying to add a shortcut to it as per this tip)

That’s odd, I’m able to add my Global Inbox as a favourite here with latest version (3.7.2) of DEVONthink. Make sure you’ve selected it first before right-clicking.

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Thanks for confirming, Alan. I’m using 3.7.2 also (on macOS 11.4).

I’ve checked that the Inbox was selected, and then I see this… without the “Add to Favorites” option that I do see when I right-click on one of my Tags.

I right-click on the Inbox file (Unified Inboxes)
Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 08.25.04

Odd that it’s so different! Here are my Sidebar preferences:

Do you only have the Global Inbox, no other databases?

Hi, Jim. Yes; just a single “Main” database with its inbox.

Ah - I think I’ve fixed it. I wondered why the database wasn’t showing up properly - it hadn’t opened correctly, but when I tried to open it I’d assumed from the error message that it was already opened.It’s now open, and I can add its Inbox as a Favourite.

Sorry for the confusion - I’m new to DT and haven’t spent enough time in it to realise when things are wrong (I’m only at the stage of adding content to the Inbox rather than curating it) - I thought it looked odd! I should have sent a screenshot of more of the window, rather than let you guess!

Apologies for wasting your time :slightly_frowning_face:

No worries and no time wasted. It’s why we’re here.
Glad you’ve got it figured out now. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jim - that’s kind. What a lovely, helpful community :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome and thanks for the nice comments.