Persistence of custom meta data?

Not sure if this is a bug or expected operation:

Suppose a record is selected and a custom meta data field’s value is set.

If the field is unchecked in Data>Preferences, and then the field is re-checked, then the custom meta data field’s value is no longer set for the record (at least for a boolean type field).

Should the custom meta data persist?
Or is it expected that custom meta data values will be lost in this scenario?

I don’t know what it is “expected” to do - but for me the data persists when I follow the steps you describe.

OK, after further checking, the values persist for me as well. However, there is strange behavior that probably is a bug…

The data appears not to persist (shows no value) until I click off the record and click back to it. When I click back to it, the value re-appears.