Personal vs Pro Office using Scansnap

I have a Fujitsu Scansnap scanner, and the MacHeist version of Devonthink that I’d like to start using for management of my scanned paperwork along with other “stuff”. I see the Pro Office version has OCR, but my scanner came with Acrobat and another OCR application so I really don’t need another. I don’t need the email archiving and web sharing capabilities of pro Office either. Is there any advantage to using Pro Office fi those items are not needed? My current Scansnap workflow batch processes the PDF’s through Acrobat’s OCR and dumps them into a folder, perfectly readable.

Well here I am answering my own question. After downloading both the Personal update and the Pro Office version I’m convinced that I can use the Pro Office version better than the personal. Not necessarily for the OCR, but for everything else it offers.

Detroy, did you realize that there is also DT Pro between DT Pro Office and DT Personal?

It is for those like you and me, who don’t need Email archiving, web sharing capabilities and OCR.