Phone Chat?


I’m about to purchase DEVONthink Pro Office, thanks to the SummerFest offer. When I go to the site, I see there are also bundles, though they don’t all seem to offer the Pro versions (?). I can’t help myself: I always want the best when I jump into something.

Is there someone in the US who would be willing to talk on the phone about the products? I think I get that I want to buy DTPO and bundle it with Agent Pro, but I’m not sure about sphere (only express, no pro?) and note (no express or pro?). I’m a bit confused about their relationship and interconnectedness. Perhaps sphere is included in one of the above packages, so there’s a stand-alone “express” version?

I appreciate any help. My apologies for being so confused. :confused:


Due to the size of our company and the international scope of our business, we only provide scheduled phone support on an issue by issue basis. The majority of issues can be handled through our Support Ticket system, our Help and tutorials, and our User Forums.

if you have specific questions, you can ask here or start a Support Ticket and give us a brief outline and we will do our best to answer them. Cheers!

OH! Sorry! I didn’t mean anyone at the company. I just meant any users who live in the US. I should have been clearer!

The notetaking features of DEVONnote are included in DEVONthink Pro Office, and there is nothing in DEVONnote that isn’t in Pro Office. Some people own both because they at times they prefer to use a focused note-taking environment rather than the full-blown DEVONthink product.

The menubar search features of DEVONagent Express are included in DEVONagent Pro.

DEVONsphere Express can search across everything on your Mac, including DEVONthink database and the rest of your documents in the files ystem. Whereas the search features of DEVONthink are focused on what’s in the databases and not the file system outside of DEVONthink databases.

So if you have the Infoworker Pro Office Bundle + DEVONsphere Express you have the best of all worlds – except you’ll need to go to the iOS App Store to grab DEVONthink to Go.

Super thanks, korm!

I understand the desire to focus while taking notes, so I might actually get (but it’s good to know all its features are included in DEVONthink Pro Office.

I think I’ll be taking your suggestion (+ DEVONthink Note).

To refine my original post, if there are any users in the San Francisco Bay Area who’d like to geek out a coffee shop or over a nice beer, glass of wine, or cocktails, let me know!

Again my thanks!

OH: May I ask one more question as I get prepared to create my first database? I read something (I think re Papers) that seemed to suggest DtPO loves .rtf files and using them helps keep the database small. Obviously it works with any file types, but is that true? I was a bit surprised and it made me wonder why the author suggested .rtf over .txt. I use Multimarkdown, so…I’m quite fond of text. :slight_smile:

Here’s to a great weekend!

DEVONthink has no particular affinity for any fileType though it uses the same text engine as TextEdit.

RTF continues a slow decline and is not mobile native / friendly.

DEVONthink supports Markdown so you can continue on that path.
Plaintext again (and again) proves far more useful and versatile than formatted types, like RTF, Word, etc.

Thank you.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand the reluctance to use RTF. That said, as you say, text is brilliant with MMD and MD.

I see some great posts over in Use Cases re indexing and importing. SO much to learn!

I’m four years in with this company and still discovering things. Fun stuff! :smiley: