Photo "behaviour" not clear to me (but then, I'm a newbie)

Hi all.

I dragged a photo from my desktop to DevonThink (to the Inbox, for instance). In the Inspector, I can see the (metadata?): date created, name, GeoLocation, etc. OK.

Now, in DevonThink, I create a new “Rich Text” (note, I suppose). I type some text, show the Editing Bar, change the font, etc. OK.

Then, I drag the photo previously mentioned from the Desktop (it’s still there) into this note.

Now, I can’t see any details about this photo (even by right-clicking).

My question: what am I allowed to do if I want to have both text and images inside the same note (inside DevonThink): can I resize the photo? Can I have two photos side by side? Can I display the photo as an Icon? Etc.


The inspectors support only items inside the database (e.g. the note or the photo dragged to the inbox) but not stuff inside notes (e.g. a picture).

The only available option is to scale image attachments, see Preferences > Editing.

Got it. Thanks.