Photo resizing - disappeared?

For a wonderful and brief period of time, when I selected a photo (jpg), the preview window resized the photo to the size of the preview window so that I could see a preview of the whole photo (instead of the top corner) in 3 pane view. This was what I had wanted for so long, and I was very happy this had finally happened. Then suddenly, this functionality has disappeared. Now when I select a photo, I again see only the top corner of the photo in the preview window until I resize it down.

I’m thinking that I must have accidentally changed a preference or setting. Under Media, Create Thumbnails is checked as well as generate from actual image. I can’t seem to find what might have changed. Does anyone know a setting that does this?


View > Zoom to Fit (or Command-=)

Thanks - this is indeed very helpful! However, what I had before (briefly) was a way to stay in that mode so that I could scroll through a list of photo filenames and quickly see the whole photo in preview to find what I need. I can switch to the other views, but my preference is to stay in 3 pane view, and it was working this way recently, which makes me think it is possible. I’m hoping to find a way to make Zoom to Fit the default. Thanks.

I am not seeing it change back. I set it in Three Pane and as I arrow through some images, it is resizing each one to fit the window.

Of course it is possible – the setting Jim gave you. When “Zoom to Fit” is active (checked in the View menu) it is persistent across all “Views” that support the preview panel, including Three Panes view. It is also persistent across all Windows of all open databases. Works over here, too.