Photos in DTP

I recently discovered the Tags>Convert keywords to tags script and so I’ve been using DTP with lots of images, many of which are pretty big. It’s never gonna replace Lightroom, or even Bridge, but since I work with a variety of files I find it handy. And right now it seems to be the only thing I can find that can semi-automate the process of making photo keywords into Mavericks tags.

But I have questions:

Is there a way to get speedier preview of images? It seems quite slow. Perhaps a way that zoom out settings could be applied in three pane view across all files?

Is there any way within DTP to modify IPTC and/or exif data of any kind? I can see keywords, for example, but I don’t appear to be able to write them (they are always grayed out).

This metadata is currently read-only, only the properties of RTF(D)/PDF documents can be modified.