PhotoStickies 5.3 and Start vs Wait Preference

The new version of PhotoStickies changes the default status from “Start” to “Wait” for camera windows. Can I change this back to “Start”?

One of my camera windows displays an local image generated from iTunes that updates when the track changes. Now my Photostickies icon bounces when the change is noticed.

I’ve tried updating the “State” with “Start” enabled but the preferece reverts to “Wait” when Photostickies is lauched again.

Any help greatly appreciated,

You have to update the state after changing images/cams (PS does not do this automatically).

If you run PS as a menu extra, there’s no Dock to bounce.

Thanks for your quick reply… I must still be missing something here…

Launch PhotoStickies -> change to “Start All” -> update State -> Quit PhotoStickies -> Launch PhotoStickies… all cams revert to “Wait”

The “Wait” status is OK for most cams but one of my cams updates locally from an image generated from iTunes track info. This cam changes only when the iTunes track changes. If Photostickies is in Wait mode then changes are not noticed on a timely manner.

I wrote a quick Applescript/GUI application that changes PhotoStickies to “Start All” when run. I’m hoping that the next version of PhotoStickies will allow “Start All” on launch as a preference.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays,

Just checked this and it’s actually a bug of v5.3 - the mode of webcams isn’t restored. Version 5.4 will fix this and should be available soon.