Photostickies default image viewer

As an ex-Windows guy I find it frustrating that file associations keep changing in OS X. I want PS to be the default application when I double-click any image file. It works fine till I click on a file that was last opened with another app, like Photoshop.

Is there any way to make all image files permanently associated with PhotoStickies?

Also, if I right-click an image and go to “Open With” PhotoStickies is not listed. I have to click on “Other” and then look for it. Any way to get it to show up on the first menu?

Thanks for a GREAT app!

Yes, there’s an easy Mac OS convention to set the default application for a file type.

Do this:

In the Finder, click on an image file to select it. Let’s start with a JPEG. Now click on the Info button. You will see an “Open with” section of the pane; click on the “Select” to choose the launching application (you may have to use the “other” option). Now you have the option to make all JPEG files open under PhotoStickies – select that.

Use the same process for the other image file types that you want to launch under PhotoStickies. That’s it.

If you later change your mind, use the same procedure to change the default application for the image type to Preview, or Photoshop, or whatever.

Thanks, Bill. I’ve tried that. But once I’ve edited an image in, say, Photoshop, the next time I click that image filename it’ll open in Photoshop.

Someone said there’s no way to change that behavior in OS X. If that’s true it would at least be helpful if PhotoStickies showed up in the first “Open With” menu. As a Mac newbie, I don’t know how the OS decides what apps get listed there.


it seems to me that Photoshop is the bad guy. When you save the file after working on it, Photoshop suggests that you will always open it in Photoshop and therefore changes the standard application. I haven’t been working with PhotoShop since a year or so, it was a Classic version. But I am quite sure that you can set up Photoshop to save changed files in their original format with the original creator, not with photoshop. This either as a preference or each time you save changes.

Hope this helps, it is an annoying problem I think.