PhotoStickies: Feature Requests

First, thank you for writing such a fantastic program! I have been using PhotoStickies for over a year now and it keeps getting better.

I have some feature requests that would be very useful to me (and I think other users as well):

  • Support for multi-page pdfs (right now PS only seems to support single-page). This would enable us to read ebooks as well – especially with the borderless windows used for images!

  • Add Show/Hide User Interface commmand to the contextual menu (this way it’s always available if one forgets the key-combination to turn it off ;D)

  • Put Previous/Next commands on top of contextual menu to give quicker access to them.

  • Add option to choose background color and level of transparency (Sometimes it would be nice to hide the desktop while doing a slideshow or browsing through a folder of images)

Thanks very much for listening! Great work!

Thank you for the suggestions and the feedback. Some of them (e.g. support for multipage pdfs and background colors) are already on the list and will be probably introduced in v5.x (although I didn’t expect people to use PS to read eBooks :slight_smile:)

It will be possible to translate PhotoStickies in French ?
If you say to me how I can do it, I will do.

It’s already possible to localize PhotoStickies (there’s a German localization for example available) - just open the application package using the Finder’s contextual menu and have a look at the folder “English.lproj”.

To create a new localization, create a copy of this folder, rename this folder to “French.lproj” and translate all files (.strings files can be edited using TextEdit but have to be UTF-8 encoded, .nib files can be edited using Apple’s InterfaceBuilder but this requires the installation of the free developer tools).

So I will try to make a French localization. But could you tell me how I can choose localization from the PhotoStickies Menus (or other way). It will be great to choose language from preferences panel…

It’s not possible to choose a localization but if your system language is French, PhotoStickies will automatically use the translated files inside the French.lproj folder after launching the application again.