Pictures/images in DTP3 notes

I am having difficulty inserting pictures/images into notes. I am familiar with the Markdown…

!@[Image Title](image link ref)

…format , but when I try to insert a note from Apple Photos, it doesn’t work.

Similarly, if I drag and drop the image (which works in many Markdown editors).

The Edit > Insert seems limited and I haven’t been able to make that work, either.

  • What are the steps I should take to simply add an image to a note, either Markdown or some other kind?

Welcome @iangreig

If you drag and drop from (which I actually personally don’t suggest) will only provide the file path. You have to add the proper Markdown syntax for the image link. Also, the path may included spaces. The spaces must be percent encoded as %20 to work.

If you drag and drop the files into DEVONthink, you can reference them as links within the database (and yes, I suggest this course of action). In fact, if you dragged an image into the same group as the Markdown file, you can merely drag and drop that image into the Markdown code and a properly formatted link would be generated.

Copy image files to a group in DevonThink… I didn’t think if that. Great solution, works very well.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you check out my Markdown related posts, you’ll see this is a common theme of mine: using a group structure just as you’d use with a website, housing the Markdown and associated resources. It’s not required, but it does encapsulate the data well and can even be dragged out of DEVONthink and sometimes usable in other Markdown aware apps (depending on the app).

Also, don’t forget to check out the Help > Documentation > Documents > Markdown Documents for some more info on them.