Pin items and/or groups

It would be helpful to be able to pin items/documents in a particular group. Same for groups as well.

It is unclear what you are referring to here. Please clarify and include any screen captures that may be helpful. Thanks!

In many apps, you can pin a note. Example: Apple notes. I do not know how to upload an image here.

You could e.g. use the Unsorted sorting (see View > Sorting > Unsorted), afterwards the order can be changed via drag & drop.

Just a thought… A preference setting to keep Groups always at the top, followed by all Flagged files would essentially accomplish the same thing.

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keep Groups always at the top, followed by all Flagged files

But by that extension, why not all unread files, or files labeled <someLabel>, or files Tagged <someTag>, etc.?
There could be many ways people would expect a secondary sort to be done.

Absolutely! I’m sure there are a plethora of ways one could have the sort. But pinned notes (files) that reside at the top of a long list of documents is really handy.

“Pinning” is very common in lots of software applications - and extremely useful. It’s definitely not a random or one-off suggestion here. Accomplishing this with the existing Flag feature would be a great way to achieve that.

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