Pin selected groups to the front page

I have a few groups I access continually. It’s currently a hassle to navigate around each time I want to switch between them. I’d love to see a feature where I could pin selected groups to a location on the front page - say, between the “Special” and “Smart Groups” sections - so that I could get to them easily.

If I were in such a pinned group, the back arrow at the top of its screen should read “< Home Page” (or whatever the main screen is called), but only if I access it from the home page and not if I get to it directly by digging into its database.

Examples of things I’d pin:

  • Meeting Notes
  • Orders (notes on what my family likes to order from different restaurants so I can pick stuff up on the way home)
  • Projects (a group of sub-groups of notes about things I’m working on)

This addition would let me ditch Evernote, Apple Notes, etc. and move fully onto DTTG. It’s so close to being the only information app I need!

Thanks for the suggestion! This would be similar to the Favorites in the sidebar on the Mac?

I’d add my voice to the vote here.

As a workaround until this is implemented (assuming it will be), I simply copy the document link and add it to an app such as Launcher or Launch Center Pro. When I want quick access to those frequent notes, I simply launch them from Launcher.

Yep, that’d do the job nicely!

A do-it-yourself alternative I’d love to see would be if smart groups were smarter. In addition to the “Tags” SG, if there were a “Tagged with …” SG then I could implement the Favorites idea on my own. The same would go for “Labeled with …”.

Ooh, clever idea! Thanks.

I would like Favorites in DTTG2.

Related to “pinning” – I would like to see both “Recent destinations” and “Favorites” in the Copy/Move destination-picker dialog. It’s time consuming to always have to start over at the beginning and navigate through the hierarchy each time that panel is used.

My pleasure :smiley:

Would you want to see Favorites listed in an additional section of the first screen? This could make the list very long, especially on small devices. Would a “Favorites” smart group also do the trick?

Read: We’re trying to keep the UI decluttered as much as possible.

I don’t know what a Favorites smart group would search for – it would turn out to be clunky. I would like to add a document to Favorites and have Favorites always appear at the top of the sidebar. On every screen. It would be less useful if we always had to navigate back to the home screen, especially since navigation is already time consuming. (Not your fault; Apple’s.)

(I also want to dismiss the sidebar by sliding it off the screen – but that’s another story)

I think that ship left a long time ago. It probably won’t come back.

Thanks for taking UI into consideration! I had originally thought of a separate Favorites section, but that would make a lot of sense as a smart group.

I’d mentioned earlier how nice it’d be to have “Tagged With …” and “Labeled With …” smart groups so that I could see at a glance all docs with a specific tag or label. I’d imagined making a DIY “Tagged with Favorites” smart group that could accomplish the same ends (and I’d still really love this functionality!). For me that’s an argument for make Favorites be a smart group as it’s conceptually the same thing.