Pin subfolders to top of view


I have a folder with many documents and within it is a number of subfolders. I’d like to basically either 1) Arrange by kind and then sort by name or date, but keep it so it is always arranged by kind with the subfolders always at the top. OR 2) just pin the subfolders to the top of the list of folder documents so they are always there. Right now I can sort by kind but if I sort anything else by any other variable I always have to resort the research folder when I go back in.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

You cannot sort by two methods. Kind would segregate the groups from files, but you can’t simultaneously sort by other criteria.

Ok! Well in that case I would like to recommend that there be a way to pin documents and/or folders at the top of a folder! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thanks. We will consider this for future releases.