Pinning Sorter Window

Hi :smile:

I am wanting to be able to “pin” the sorter window when I take notes.

By “pinning” I mean having the sorter window show all the time even when I click on a different window in DT3 or other application. When I write a note, I am often copying and pasting data from other windows to make the note.

I look forward to any guidance.


Darren McDonald

Currently the Sorter does not have a pin option.

When you set the Sorter appearance to “None” the Sorter window will be visible until you have saved the note. This works only per-note and the Sorter window does not float above all other windows.

When you are copying and pasting a lot—like me—and not only in DEVONthink notes you might consider a system wide solution, i. e. a clipboard manager that allows batch paste. The best clipboard manager I have ever seen is Copied but sadly it seems to be no longer under development and is not working properly on Catalina. Paste is much simpler (let’s see if the new subscription model will result in new features) but has batch paste too, so does the more technical and Mac only Pastebot. And most certainly others.

Thanks @suavito for your suggestion. I am already a satisfied Paste user. (I didn’t know it had gone subscription. I am using my paid license). I will use your suggestion as a workaround until the function is added.

@aedwards Is the function on the roadmap for future development? Should I post this as a suggestion?

Yes it is a feature that we will potentially add in a future update.

Do note when the Take Note function of the Sorter is used as a docked tab at the side of the screen, it does pin open by default. It won’t remain pinned when switching spaces, but in the same space it does.

Great to see despite the endless amount of requests you get. Thank you!

Excellent! That is close to what I was after! All that I need is to have the Take Note function stay open when I am copying from other applications too.

Ahh… I see.
I’ll let @aedwards handle this now :stuck_out_tongue:

I also need the note that is created when you select “+” > “Plain Text” and the like, to be pinned.
Can this already be done with a preference I am unaware of?
If not, can this function also be added to the roadmap in the development of DT?

The request is noted.

I would love to pin it open also. It’s preventing TextExpander fill-in snippets from being used in the sorter. :frowning:

Where and how are you using the snippets - in the Take Note view?

In the body of the Text note in the sorter.

This appears to be unrelated to pinning, unless TextExpander is taking focus from the Sorter. The built-in text expansion of macOS works just fine.

@aedwards would have to weigh in on this.

Yes, for TextExpander “Fill-in” snippets, TE takes focus while you “fill-in” the data portions of the snippet. When this happens, the Sorter closes. So after entering the fill-in data and hitting [ok], TE has nowhere to paste the completed snippet as the Sorter has closed. It needs to have a pinned setting so that it stays open even when focus is lost for this to work. I hope I explained it better this time. :smiley:

TextExpander is working without a problem in the Sorter for me, can you do a screen capture of what is happening in your case.

Just so we are on the same page. are you using a “Fill-In” snippet? This is different from the simple text expansion snippets. The sorter closing when focus is given to the fill-in snippet window kills the expansion.

Thanks, I wasn’t using “Fill-in” snippets. The Sorter is designed to close when the focus goes to another application which is what is happening when the snippet window opens. I will see if we may be able to work around this for fill in snippets