Pinning to Toolbar?

I notice you can add templates to the Toolbar for easy access, which is cool. But: 1) it only works for templates, or at any rate it treats whatever you put in there as if it were a template; if you install a script, for example, it just loads the script as a text page in DT, rather than running it. And 2) it’s a really cumbersome process: you have to go deep into Applicaiton Support to add the item to the Toolbar folder (in Templates.noindex), then quit DT and relaunch, then Customize Toolbar. (Also, 3: I can’t figure out how to make it show the name of the item when you mouseover: instead it just gives its location on your hard drive.)

What would be really, really, really cool is if you could just drag and drop items to the toolbar, for ready access —and drag and drop them out when you’re done with them.

Ah, I’ve just discovered there’s also a Toolbar folder where you can put scripts, inside the Scripts folder (com.devon-technologies.think 3 in Application Scripts).

Yes you can 13

In lieu of adapting the toolbar, of course, DT could add a “Favourites” bar a la or KeepIt. Would be a real addition, I think.