Placeholder "shorttime" for templates?


I am creating some memo templates (Markdown) and wish to name them uniquely, thus with date and time. Using %shortdate% or %month% etc. is fine, and for time there is the placeholder %time%.

Unfortunately, it separates units with “:” which I would like to avoid. Is there a way to extract either hours, minutes, seconds, or replace colons with another symbol like “-” or put hourMinuteSeconds without separator, in other words, something like %shorttime%?


There are placeholders for %hours%, %minutes% and %seconds% too.

Thanks for the quick help.

Where can I find them? I looked up the Manual for “placeholders” and “templates” but could not find these specific placeholders.

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You can e.g. insert them via the Insert Placeholder submenu of the contextual menu.

That helps, thank you!

I did not get it, since I prepared my template in an external editor. But it is easy to create a list for placeholders with the submenu.